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Table Of Contents

1. Server Info
    1.1 Rules
    1.2 Don't Be A Jerk
    1.3 Ranks
    1.4 Worlds
2. Commands and Getting Around
3. Special Tools and Plug-Ins
    3.1 Building a Tele


1. Server Info

The server IP is, anyone is welcome to join. Our server is a friendly/cooperative survival server. There is no whitelist, we use a guest/member system. New players will join as guests.
Our server has a DynMap, located at The map shows all the worlds and players, mouse over the right side of the screen for options. We also have a wikia for New Hyrule that will provide you with all the current information about the project at: Project New Hyrule Wiki.


1.1 Rules

No Griefing.
No Stealing.
Don't be a jerk. (See 1.2)
If you have a problem, please tell an op or admin ASAP. If you find stealing or griefing, please don't touch the area and tell an op. We should be able to fix it, but it's easier to tell what happened if damage is untouched.


1.2 Don't Be A Jerk

If you cut down trees in a forest near other builds, replant the trees
If you use a farm that is not yours, replant
Absolutely no lag machines.
If you would like to build in a town, ask the owner of the town first.
No killing other players, unless you both agreed to play pvp. Do not kill other players' pets (this includes cats, dogs, and any other animals kept in houses or pens).


1.3 Ranks

[G] Guest: Guests can only build on the map called Temp, but they are welcome to explore the other worlds as well. If you can't open chests or pick up blocks, it's because you are not on Temp.
[M] Member: This is our new whitelist. Members can build in all worlds, excluding Hyrule.
[V] VIP/Veteran: V is like normal members, with the exception that they can TP themselves to other members.
[O] Operator: Ops can set ranks, teleport, create warps, use commands, ban, fix damage etc. If an op asks you to do something, please listen.
[A] Admin: Like an Operator with more power.

Please do not ask to be promoted. We will promote guests to members when we like and trust them. If you would like to be promoted, you'll get much farther by being nice, talking to others, and building/playing nicely in Temp. There's no set time for how long someone will be a guest. If you are a well known ZUer or other similarly trusted person, let us know!

Do not ask to be promoted to V, Op, or Admin, the answer is no. We do no accept Admin applications.


1.4 Worlds

Our server has several different worlds, we invite you to explore them all. All worlds are survival. Players have a separate inventory for each map, with the exception of New/Tanith.

Tanith: Tanith is the main world (survival) where members build. It has many cities, farms, and builds. Members may build wherever they like in Tanith, but please be respectful of other players' stuff. If you would like to build in a town, ask first.
Hyrule: Home of Project New Hyrule. You may not build in this world. If you would like to help with Hyrule, please contact Tirenoth.
Temp: Everyone can build on this map, including guests! Be warned though, the temp map will be wiped with major MC updates, and replaced with a new Temp map. If you're planning to build large, eleborate builds, this is not the map for them.
New: An old, mostly abandonned map. There are many memories on this map, though not many new builds.
Old: The server's oldest map has been around since Minecraft was in Alpha. Members may request to build in creative here.


2. Commands and Getting Around

/msg (player) (message): Sends a private message to player.
/r (message): A faster way to reply to the last player who messaged you.

Each player can set one home, a private warp just for them. Be careful not to build over your home, if you do you might suffocate.
/sethome: This sets your home to exactly where you are standing.
/home: This takes you to the last place where you /sethome.

Mouse over the right side of the map to see options and worlds. You can make markers on the dynmap by placing a sign with [dynmap] as the first line.

All 5 worlds and many of the cities have warps. Only ops and admins can set warps.
/warp (placename): This lets you warp to the specified place.
/warps list (page #): Browse through the list of all warps.
/cwarps (category) (page #): View an ordered list of available server warps.
To see a list of warps, click here: Server Warps

Teles are not a command, they're a build. They look like a # on the ground. If you right-click the center block with a tool/nothing, it will take you to the tele's destination. The Tanith Warp Center (follow the tele near spawn) has teleporters to many builds and towns. Anyone can create teles.

TP to a Player:
/call (player): This sends a teleport request to the given player.
/bring: If a player sends you a teleport request, use this to accept it. If you don't want visitors, simply ignore the request.

/quartz: Changes 10 Netherrack in your hand to 1 quartz.


3. Special Tools and Plug-Ins

A couple of our plug-ins use existing objects.

Gold Axe: A custom mod for cutting down trees, works similar to timber. Cut down entire trees with one chop!
Glowstone Dust: Part of craftbook, if you right click with dust, "LightStone" will tell you the block's light level.
Craftbook Pistons: SuperSticky and SuperPush are great for redstone devices and doors, google craftbook if you want to learn more.
Classic Bonemeal: Boneal will instantly grow plants, hooray!
Classic Books: We have the old book recipe (3 paper vertical on a crafting table) enabled.
Runecraft Compass: Make an X on the ground using cobble. Click the middle block with a tool, and the cobble will turn into an arrow pointing North.


3.1 Building a Tele

This is part of Runecraft. If you build a waypoint, you can build teles to take you (and other players) to that spot from wherever you'd like. Anyone can build a tele/waypoint.

To build a tele, you need 33 cobble, 1 dirt/stone, and two sets of 4 signature blocks(not cobble, dirt, or stone, 8 blocks total). The waypoint and tele will each take up a 5x5x1 space on the ground. Compasses only need to be built if you do not know which way is north, and the compass can be destroyed when you're done building. The signature of the tele and waypoint need to match, and they must be facing the same way (use the compass to make sure the signatures match).

1. Go to the spot where you want your teleporter to lead to. You need to build a waypoint here. First, build a compass. The compass tells you which way your signature is pointing.
2. Build a waypoint, and right click the middle to activate it. Write down or remember the blocks (and order) used for the signature.
3. Now go to where you want to be able to teleport from. Build another compass, so you know which way is north again. Then build a tele, with the same signature as your waypoint. Right click the middle block, if the signature disappears the tele is linked to the waypoint.
4. You can now use your tele to travel to the waypoint, simply click the middle block of the # with a tool/nothing.

Waypoints can be buried under one layer of blocks. The middle block of a tele may not be buried. To make a two way tele, you can build a waypoint at each end (with two different signatures) and two teles (with the two signatures) ontop of the waypoints.